We went to the airport by coach and we got there at 11.30. Once there, we checked in and we had lunch in front of the gates while waiting. At about 14.30 we boarded and the plane took off at 15.00. The journey was about two hours and a half and there wasn’t much turbulence.

We got to Bristol at about half past four, and then we went by coach to Paignton. The host families were waiting for us at the parking. We went home with them and introduced ourselves. After having dinner, we went to sleep.


We had to be at Devon School at 8 o’clock for our English lessons. At lunch time (12.30) we went to the garden and the teachers gave us a packed lunch, wich consisted of a sandwich, a yoghurt, an apple and a bottle of still water.

We went to see the town and we did a survey about how is living here in Paigton. We had to talk to people to do it and ask them some questions.

After that, we came back to school and went to the garden to have a barbecue for dinner with some italian students as well. We had lots of fun and the food was really good. At the end of the day we went home and did the family project.