Representar una obra de teatre combina actituds i habilitats diverses i totes afavoreixen l’expressió i la comunicació dels actors i actrius. Escollim obres que impactin l’alumnat i els convidem a fer-hi una completa immersió lingüística. Així parlen, interpreten i practiquen!

Impartim ALEMANY a l’escola des de l’ESO i potenciem un aprenentatge motivacional tant de la gramàtica com de la parla. Promovem activitats d’anàlisi i interacció. Perquè sabem que els alumnes han de ser multilingües i que les llengües s’aprenen practicant!



Today, we have had free time all morning. We could stay at home doing the family project or go for a walk with friends around Paignton.
At 2 o’clock in the afternoon we had to be at school to do some activities all together and watch a film. We returned home and had dinner. At 7.30 PM we went to the bowling alley. We stayed there until 9.30 PM. We had so much fun!


Today, we woke up early and went to Kent’s Cavern. It was really fun and interesting. After we visited the caves, we went to Torquay and had two hours of free time. In those hours we had lunch and went shopping. At 1.30 PM we started the lessons and finished at 6 PM. Then, we had dinner with our host families and we started packing our things.


Today, we started school at 8 o’clock and had class until 12.30. The classes were really funny and we played some games. At 13 o’clock we took a ferry that brought us to Brixham. When we arrived there, our activity leaders explained us some curiosities and history about Brixham. Then we had an hour of free time. We went for a walk around the town and bought some souvenirs. We also took some photos of the beautiful views and the colourful houses of Brixham. When we returned to Paignton, at 5 PM, we had more free time until dinner.


Today, we haven’t had classes. We took a bus at 8.30 from the school to Dartmoor. There, we climbed a small mountain with a big rock on the top called Haytor. There were a lot of cows and horses. When we finished, we went to a small village called Widecomb in the Moor. In this village we visited a small church and had a typical cream tea all together. Our final stop was Exeter, the biggest city in the county of Devon. Our activity leaders gave us a small tour around Exeter. Then we had about four hours of free time. In those ours we had lunch and went shopping. In Exeter there are lots of shops, such as Hollister, Top Shop, Zara, Apple, New Look, etc. And also we could buy some Harry Potter souvenirs. Then we returned home. It was a great day.


We went to the airport by coach and we got there at 11.30. Once there, we checked in and we had lunch in front of the gates while waiting. At about 14.30 we boarded and the plane took off at 15.00. The journey was about two hours and a half and there wasn’t much turbulence.

We got to Bristol at about half past four, and then we went by coach to Paignton. The host families were waiting for us at the parking. We went home with them and introduced ourselves. After having dinner, we went to sleep.


We had to be at Devon School at 8 o’clock for our English lessons. At lunch time (12.30) we went to the garden and the teachers gave us a packed lunch, wich consisted of a sandwich, a yoghurt, an apple and a bottle of still water.

We went to see the town and we did a survey about how is living here in Paigton. We had to talk to people to do it and ask them some questions.

After that, we came back to school and went to the garden to have a barbecue for dinner with some italian students as well. We had lots of fun and the food was really good. At the end of the day we went home and did the family project.

Els alumnes de l’optativa d’Educació Física de primer d’ESO hem fet una sortida a Gravetat 0. Aquest lloc és un rocòdrom de Terrassa on hem pogut posar en pràctica totes les tècniques d’escalada apreses durant aquest trimestre a l’escola.

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