El passat 20 de gener vam estrenar una nova activitat, “Listen!”, on les nostres PACs (auxiliars de conversa) ens aniran explicant contes, cançons i activitats dels seus països d’origen.

L’activitat està adreçada als més petits (Infantil i Cicle Inicial).

En aquesta ocasió, la Raphaëlle, de Québec, ens va explicar com és l’hivern i el carnaval al seu país:

For 60 years now, the Quebec Winter Carnival has taken place every year in the city of Quebec from the end of January to mid-February.  It is a wonderful celebration that commemorates the tradition of getting together, eating and drinking just before Lent. The Bonhomme, the event’s mascot, wears the traditional arrow sash as well as the typical red hat worn by the French settlers centuries ago. He also sports a bright red trumpet which can be bought at the carnival by the participants.

For the occasion, contestants partake in different winter sports like cross-country and downhill skiing, skating and snowshoeing.  People can also enter in snow or ice sculpture contests, and activities based on the traditional Québec lifestyle, such as canoe races, dogsled races and skidoo races.  Tourists and locals equally enjoy visiting the ice palace where it is possible to have drinks, rent a room overnight and even get married in the small ice chapel. Other important attractions are the night parade, the Queen’s coronation and the fireworks.

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