The experience of being to another country has been one of the best of our lifes. Having the opportunity to talk to native people and live with them during the journey has improved my language skills. I also have learnt lots of unknown expressions and I have discovered a new culture.

During the week we spent one day in London where we could see lots of symbolic London places such as the British Museum, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, China Town and the Big Ben. It was an exhausting day because we had to walk a lot along the city but we learnt lots of London facts and we spent a great time.

The rest of the week we were taking interactive english lessons during the day and doing outdoor activities in the afternoon. For example one day at class we prepared some questions about festivals to ask to some people on the park and with the answers we had to invent a festival to present it in front of the class. Another afternoon activity was a treasure hunt which helped us to discover some historical facts from the city.

There were also some optional activities that we were able to do out of school like once we went to the Canterbury Cathedral to listen to a choir. It was a really beatiful building, which I didn’t expect from such an small village like Canterbury.

But the most important thing is the fact of staying in a host family which makes you feel as if you were at home. You really see how is an english family daily life and practise the popular language.

I recommend this experience if you want a total immersion on the english language and traditions, spend unforgettable moments and make new friends.

​Ivet Morera Taló 3r ESO A​