Il y 9 mois, je n’aurais jamais imaginé toutes les belles choses que je vivrais, ici à Escola Pia. Depuis le premier jour, j’ai eu droit à un accueil chaleureux, des sourires sur tous les visages et du soutien constant.

Je tiens à remercier chacun d’entre vous, élèves, professeurs et personnel de l’école. Merci d’avoir rendu cette expérience inoubliable, merci de m’avoir fait me sentir comme chez moi, merci de m’avoir donné tant de beaux souvenirs.

Je ne pourrais pas être plus heureuse et fière de continuer mon aventure avec vous lors de la prochaine année scolaire.
Ho he pasat molt bé amb vosaltres, gràcies per ajudar-me a fer d’aquest any un any inolbidable.

Laura François-Marie

Dear students and staff of Escola Pia de Terrassa

Since the minute I arrived in Terrassa, I have felt welcome and at home. The people who I might of just walked past and seen as strangers, have become family. I have been amazed how kind and generous people can be. These families are the type of people that make the world a better place by accepting you.

I loved coming to Escola Pia de Terrassa every day. Working here has been a pleasure. Throughout the day, I would be greeted with a kind “bon dia” or a kind smile. The teachers who teach at Escola Pia are all passionate about what they do and they care about every single child. They are all people that the children can look up to and aspire to be.

Thank you for making me part of this school and country! Catalunya will forever have a place in my heart.

With love,


I cannot believe my time here is over already!

I have enjoyed every minute at Escola Pia and this has been a truly unforgettable experience. I’ve learnt so much from both the teachers and the students and I hope to take this knowledge with me wherever I go. Everyone has been so helpful, welcoming and loving that being in a different country away from friends and family was never a problem for me. I will miss you all so much and I hope life brings me back to Terrassa soon!
Good luck with everything!

Lots of love,


Escola Pia, moltes gràcies per tot.

Every single person at this school has been extremely welcoming, friendly, helpful and generally great. I feel like I have truly become part of the community/family here. Moving to a new country is a challenge, but the atmosphere at this school has helped to make the challenge easy! From our first day the teachers always offered us help, and the students were always lovely, despite not always behaving…

I have enjoyed every moment of being in Catalunya; be it teaching a class of 1st ESO at 7.55 on a Tuesday morning, or going to La Patum, going to mines with 3rd ESO or watching Castellers. I just wish I had learned more Catalan.